Anodyne Pain and Wellness & Advanced Wound Care Center

Frequently Asked Questions


Finding the right doctor for your pain management needs is important. Below, we’re answering frequently asked questions regarding pain management, preventive wellness & more. Got a question we haven’t answered? Contact us here for a response.

Q. How do you manage pain without prescription painkillers?

Here at Anodyne, we treat conditions as naturally as possible. This includes a range of holistic approaches that your healthcare provider may customize for you, depending on your condition – such as trigger point injections, chiropractic care and even spinal decompression.

Q. Do you offer surgeries?

No. While we acknowledge that some conditions require surgery as a last resort, our specialist care offers a natural, non-surgical approach.

Q. Do you offer preventative wellness?

Yes. We offer a range of treatments that can be used as preventative wellness, including acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Q. How do I know when I need to see a doctor for my pain?

This really depends on the kind of pain you’re experiencing – if it’s pain after a minor accident, isn’t swollen and weight can be put on it, then you can likely self treat at home with rest, ice and heat. If after a week, the pain persists or worsens, it’s critical that you make an appointment. If you’ve been experiencing recurring or chronic pain for longer than 6 months, you should also make an appointment as your soonest convenience.